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Evernote Business

Where great ideas converge

  • Secure, flexible sharing
  • Room for projects to grow
  • Access to everyone's knowledge
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One Workspace

Create a collaborative hub for your team to brainstorm, develop,
and launch projects with business notebooks.

Accomplish more with your team, starting today.


Better Meetings

Present your ideas to get feedback as they take shape — without the effort of creating slides.

The Team Grows Smarter

Seamlessly share knowledge and resources across the entire company in the business home.

  • Security Features

    Your data is protected by industry-standard TLS/SSL encryption and two-step verification.

  • Data Ownership

    No matter how the team changes, your company stays in control of the data in business notebooks.

  • Business Class Support

    Accelerate your business' adoption and maximize ROI with help from our Customer Success team.

Administrative Control

Straightforward billing and administration let you spend less time on deployment and more on what really matters to your business.

Frequently asked questions

Is invoicing available for Evernote Business?
With 5 seats or more, you can set up invoicing. If you’re a smaller team, you can choose monthly or annual credit card payments.
How much control does the company have over the information in Evernote Business?
All the information in Business notebooks remains with the company, no matter how the team changes.
I’m already using Evernote—should I create another account?
Nope! Your account is perfect. Any personal notes are invisible to the business unless you add them to business notebooks.

Available on all your devices, everywhere you are.