Evernote for Slack

Streamline information sharing and make communication more transparent.

Connect with Slack

Communication made easier

Communication is key for a team's success. With Evernote integrated into Slack, you can make conversations richer and more actionable by adding Evernote information without leaving Slack.


Combine work and chat

Search, find, and share notes made in Evernote to Slack chat - without breaking conversation flow.


Never lose your conversations

Valuable conversations and decisions made in Slack are quickly saved to Evernote for future reference and retrieval.


Make yourself a note

Set a reminder, create a task or just capture a thought into Evernote while you’re in chatting in Slack.

The perfect combination

You work in Evernote. You chat in Slack. Now you can increase productivity and efficiency by combining two main features of team and individual work flows.