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Welcome Quicktate users!

Evernote and Quicktate have partnered to allow you to accurately convert any size audio notes and voicemail messages to text for saving and searching in Evernote, just like all your other notes.

Searchable voice files now in Evernote

Why save voice notes in Evernote without also saving the transcripts? Create audio notes by dictating into your favorite Evernote app or by calling (888) 222-NOTE and Quicktate will accurately convert your audio into simple, searchable text and automatically submit it to Evernote.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is where you create and keep everything from the day’s tasks to your life’s work. Use it to organize to-do lists, share documents, and complete projects. Since it syncs across all your devices, it’s the one app you need to keep it all at your fingertips.

Join 100+ million people who already rely on it to accomplish more every day.