Growing startup firm relies on Evernote Business as “single source of truth”

At fast-growing CoSchedule, employees hit the ground running every day. They keep track of projects, employees, product strategies, and even support tickets using Evernote Business. With shared notebooks for every department, CoSchedule depends on Evernote Business to remain transparent so that everyone’s always in the loop and ready to work.

“Every team has a handbook in Evernote,” explains Eric Piela, head of public relations. “Every process is documented. If any system goes down, we have the information to recover quickly. It’s all searchable in the notebook.”

CoSchedule relies on shared notes to track tasks in their daily meetings, tracking progress. Meanwhile, HR’s notebook houses onboarding, 90-day reviews, and reference material for employees for benefits and policies.

Director of Product Operations Britni Schwartz depends on Evernote Business as “a single source of truth” for launch briefs. “These contain details about any new feature we’re launching—the technical requirements, the marketing points and plan for the feature, and the support plan,” Schwartz said. “We have all-teams meetings to review the brief and do a live demo for employees. We link the recording to the brief so that everyone has a single place to get the details for a successful launch.”

In just four years, CoSchedule has gone from a tiny web marketing company in North Dakota to a trusted name in SaaS-based marketing management.

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