Get more from your apps with Evernote Integrations

Evernote logo linked to productivity application logos

Because there’s no single tool for all of your organizing needs, Evernote integrates with your favorite apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Microsoft Teams so you can be more productive from brainstorm to execution.

Put your Google information to work in Evernote—calendars, emails, and files.

Screenshot of Evernote integration with Google calendar

Google calendar logo


Get more done every day

  • Link your notes to calendar events so ideas and decisions stay linked to the people, places, and activities that sparked them.

  • Create notes related to your calendar events and access them quickly later, right from the widget in Home.

  • Prepare for meetings easily, ahead of time or on the spot. One click sets up a new note, complete with event details.

Gmail logo


Get the best out of your inbox

  • Keep important emails from getting buried underneath everything else in your inbox.

  • Put what matters into Evernote to connect the dots, make a plan, and move forward.

  • Share your notes with your friends, family, or colleagues via email in one click.

Google Drive logo


Keep projects in context from start to finish

  • Drop files from Google Drive straight into Evernote to add context to your notes, related projects, meetings, action items, and more.

  • Access files right from Evernote to avoid switching back and forth between apps.

  • Make edits to your files and the changes are automatically synced to Evernote.

Slack logo


Keep your best ideas in one easy-to-access place

  • Combine Slack messages with related notes by clipping important conversations to Evernote.

  • Locate your notes, images, and web clippings right from Slack to avoid switching between apps.

  • Increase efficiency by using keyboard shortcuts just as you would for any other Slack shortcut.

Microsoft Teams logo


Keep collaboration organized and accessible

  • Search, retrieve, and share all saved content so everyone can work from the same information in real time.

  • See the full context of a project by chatting and accessing your notes in Evernote at the same time.

  • Access content from one tab so you can go from chat session to work session in a snap.

Salesforce logo


View all account info without disrupting your workflow

  • Edit account and contact notes in Evernote and everything will instantly update in Salesforce

  • Scan business cards and Evernote will automatically transform static text into new leads or enrich contacts.

  • Search Evernote for your typed notes, handwritten notes or business cards right from your account.