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Real estate developer keeps teams grounded with Evernote

“Evernote’s power reveals itself, the busier and busier we get. It essentially grows with us.” - John Joubert | Vice President, Leasing/Development/Property Management

Evernote is in i3 Interests’ DNA

When property developer Rene Joubert founded his latest venture, i3 Interests, in 2014, he knew that organizing mountains of notes, emails, PDFs, and CAD drawings would be vital to his new company’s success. A long-time Evernote Premium subscriber, Rene naturally turned to Evernote Business to help keep everything in order.

Find what you need, quickly

Evernote’s powerful search functionality lets you scan hundreds, even thousands of notes in seconds, to find the information you need.

A complex business needs robust tools

Each of i3 Interests’ many real estate projects generates multiple files and documents. Staying on top of all this information can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Evernote’s powerful search functionality is the secret to taming the expansion of data, letting teams find what they need, when they need it.

"It’s one of my favorite features,” says John Joubert, i3 Interests’ Vice President. “I might have a few hundred notes in a notebook, but I can find the note that I’m looking for in five seconds.”

Working together with Evernote Certified Consultant Stacey Harmon, i3 Interests designed a tagging system and naming convention that ensures consistency across all its notebooks. This allows the company to remain project-oriented and ensures that every file retains its vital context.

Share notes with your team

With all your information stored in Evernote, bringing co-workers up to speed is as simple as sharing a note—saving time and money.

Keeping remote teams in sync

Until i3 Interests moved into its current office, the staff worked 100% remotely and depended on Evernote Business to ensure that critical construction projects were completed on time. John Joubert explains: “It’s a collaborative platform that we can use to get stuff done without having to walk into somebody’s office, have small talk for a couple of minutes, and then get to the point. It’s seamless.”

So, how important is Evernote Business to i3 Interests today? Says Joubert, “I keep two things open on my computer all day: my email inbox—and Evernote.”

Use tags for increased functionality

Add context-based tags to your notes to keep disparate information organized and make searching easier.

i3 Interests is a Houston-based property acquisition and development firm, managing a diverse portfolio of commercial properties across Texas and the Southwest. Until 2017, every team member worked remotely, making the efficient sharing of information a critical company goal. Industry: Property Development/Management Size of Company: 8 employees

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