Advance sales relationships with Evernote Business

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Keep your sales team focused on the sale

Image of team working on laptops and tablets, illustrating use of sales productivity toolsChances are, your sales team loses hours every day digging through notes, searching for information, and struggling to provide transparency on their progress. Records of sales calls and meetings range from sticky notes and legal pads to various digital documents. These diverse record formats are stored in multiple different places, making it hard for sales teams to know exactly where they left off with a prospect. Who knows where the latest sales scripts, email templates, and presentations are? What does marketing have up its sleeves? Is the most updated sales collateral on Slack or Google Drive, in an email, or somewhere else?

Evernote Business cuts through the chaos, so your team can focus on closing sales. Dynamic notes, templates, notebooks and tags, and collaborative spaces capture vital research, sales tools, collateral, and campaign trackers. Everything is organized for sales productivity and readily accessible anywhere your reps need to work, including Salesforce and Slack. Whether they're in the office, at home, or in the field, your team can spend less time searching for info and more time selling.

Image of team working on laptops and tablets, illustrating use of sales productivity tools

Amplify your team’s sales productivity

Sales information management and sales collaboration are critical to moving buyers through the sales pipeline efficiently. Robust features slash the time required to prep for sales calls, stay on top of buyer touchpoints, sync with marketing plans, and close deals. Evernote Business works the way you want to work. Capture notes and contact info any way you want, and still turn them into digital notes that can be stored, searched, and shared. Work with notes directly within Salesforce, or share them via Slack. Use our templates or create your own. As a sales productivity tool, Evernote Business keeps it all accessible and organized.

Marry your marketing strategies and sales plans

All too often, sales and marketing operate in their own siloes, disconnected from each other’s day-to-day needs and activities. Evernote Business brings them all together in a flexible, collaborative environment where everyone can share insights, follow activities and track results.

  • Keep sales and marketing on the same page with spaces dedicated to specific sales quarters, campaigns, verticals, or any logical grouping that makes sense to your teams.

  • Centralize and organize the latest sales collateral and tools for easy access by reps.

  • Use the Marketing Plan template to capture your reps’ insights for background, SWOT analysis, and customer personae.

  • Leverage the Social Media Calendar template to plan out engagement, inform sales of important push dates, and update all stakeholders in real time.

  • Create custom templates to track engagement levels, helping reps anticipate marketing’s impact on the inbound sales funnel, and incorporate the messages that receive the most traction in the campaign.

A lot of work goes into every sale. Keep it all in one place

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Never sweat another sales pitch

The right information at the right time can make the difference between a closed sale and a lost opportunity. With Evernote Business, your team’s collective knowledge and resources are at everyone’s fingertips.

  • Build out a robust account history with dynamic notes that contain typed input as well as images, audio, video, Google Drive files, and even clipped Slack conversations.

  • Prep for any pitch with fast access to every available scrap of research and insight—from notes taken by another rep to the latest market reports—all organized, searchable, and available at any time.

  • Use our Sales Pre-Call Planner to detail attendee relationships and importance to the deal, materials to bring, key questions to ask, and responses to anticipated questions.

  • Take sales calls on the fly and pick up right where you left off with any contact because the complete account picture is available wherever you are—even offline.

  • Track pitch outcomes and next steps with the Call Debrief template.

  • Turn documents and handwritten impressions into searchable digital notes with Document Scanning, PDF and Document Search, and even Handwriting Search.

Master your customer relationship management

Smaller sales teams can use Evernote Business as a lightweight sales collaboration tool and customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Notes and notebooks can be easily customized to track every interaction, personal preference, deal, order history, and customer service engagement. Spaces can serve as a user-friendly dashboard to track the latest activities and developments and keep all stakeholders up to date.

If you live in Salesforce, supercharge your efforts by integrating directly with Evernote Business:

  • Get a complete view of every account right within your Salesforce workflow because all related notes, images, web clippings, and other relevant content are pinned to each record.

  • Keep your impressions, next steps, and other buyer insights up to date by editing Evernote content directly within Salesforce.

  • Surface news stories and potentially relevant content from your colleagues via the ‘Context’ tab within each account record.

  • It’s easy to show stakeholders exactly where you are with a prospect and how productive you’ve been because notes created in Salesforce appear in your activity log automatically.

Accelerate sales

Evernote Business creates the alignment sales teams need to eliminate duplicate efforts and speed bumps in their workflow. Seamless sales collaboration and sales information management make prep and admin work more efficient, freeing up time to get to the sale. Let’s say an average rep touches 30 accounts per day. Speeding up every process by even five minutes per account could yield two+ hours of extra time to crush sales goals.

  • Use the Strategic Planning template to align everyone with your overall vision and sales goals.

  • Dedicate a space for onboarding new reps—centralizing all of the processes, resources, and tools needed to get up to speed ASAP and start working towards quota.

  • Empower your sales teams by keeping approved sales scripts and the latest messaging for each stage of the funnel pinned to the top of your space.

  • Articulate a cohesive sales strategy and well-defined sales processes in customized notes, shared across departments and teams.

Eliminate gaps that slow down the sales process

Graphic illustration depicting saving sales data from the web into Evernote Business

Gather external information on prospects from websites and recent news articles.

Graphic illustration depicting saving sales intelligence from email and contacts onto on a smartphone

Contribute internal intel from phone calls, meeting notes, business cards, emails, and Slack conversations.

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Centralize sales collateral and information on leads so everyone always has access.

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Integrate with Salesforce and keep stakeholders in the loop with one place for updates.

A lot of work goes into every sale. Keep it all in one place

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