Advance sales relationships with Evernote Business

Evernote Business as a sales productivity tool and solution

Keep your sales team focused on the sale

Sales teams are awash in information these days. Notes from meetings and phone calls are scattered across laptops and notepads. Business cards clutter desks and emails fill inboxes. You also have to do your homework, so website info and articles on your prospect take over your browser. And making sure everyone has the latest collateral is nearly impossible. Keeping your team in the loop is critical to success.

With Evernote Business, all the information and knowledge your team needs is in a single place that’s easy to access across offices or in the field.

Manage the sales process by capturing notes, tracking customer updates, and keeping important files together in one workspace. Connect to Salesforce so your CRM data and notes work together, forming a complete picture of a prospect. Easy to search and share, Evernote Business is the central hub that holds everything your team needs to close every deal.

Eliminate gaps that slow down the sales process

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Gather external information on prospects from websites and recent news articles.

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Contribute your own intel from phone calls, meeting notes, business cards, and emails.

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Centralize sales collateral and information on leads so everyone always has access.

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Integrate with Salesforce and keep stakeholders in the loop with one place for updates.

A lot of work goes into every sale. Keep it all in one place

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