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Evernote Business helps teams collect research and share and preserve knowledge

Collect, organize, and preserve knowledge

Behind every finished project is a tangle of ideas, research, and data that went into making it happen. But from files on desktops and bookmarked web pages to handwritten notes and emailed articles, it’s scattered across people and applications. As teams change and years go by, previous work and insights are lost.

With Evernote Business, you have the single hub you need to find, use, and reuse that data. Collect all your research and ideas in one place, share them with teammates, and save them for the future.

Get the flexibility you need to collect ideas your way, whether it’s taking notes, clipping web pages, or attaching documents. Organize your workspace to meet your needs while still sharing easily with your team. Search across the entire company to make connections that lead to insights, regardless of who did the work. And with Evernote as your information hub, that knowledge won’t leave when someone on your team does.

Turn individual research into insights for the team

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Save any type of content—from websites and articles to documents and emails—right alongside your notes.

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Gather and store research in a central hub that makes info and insights accessible to all.

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Find what you need, fast. You can even search within documents and handwritten notes.

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Easily refer to past work, regardless of who did it, and ensure knowledge stays within the company.

Go from collecting research to connecting the dots

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