Food for Thought

A twenty-person interdisciplinary team in Migros’ gastronomy division was tasked with developing new concepts to accommodate changing food consumption trends. Guided by design thinking methodologies, Head of Gastronomy Sandro Bedin led his team to conduct customer research at Migros Restaurant and Take Away locations throughout the country. They turned to Evernote Business to manage the vast and varied data gathered.

Flexibility on the Field

While conducting interviews across German-, French-, and Italian-speaking Switzerland, the team quickly came to appreciate how Evernote’s web, desktop, and smartphone apps enabled them to work effectively on the road using their own devices. The data was captured in various forms; each team member kept a notebook of audio recordings, text transcriptions, and photos of sketches and diagrams—organized to individual preference.

Franker Discussions

Because the research was collectively kept in Evernote, it could be easily viewed by anyone on the team. As a project manager, Sandro was thus able to address the most challenging aspects presented by large-scale projects. His entire team was better informed of each other’s work, and discussing project updates became simpler and more efficient.

Migros Genossenschafts Bund, commonly referred to as Migros, is Switzerland’s largest supermarket, retailer, and employer. Its in-store restaurants and takeaway services also make it one of the country’s most important gastro-vendors.

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