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Evernote • Evernote News

AI-Powered Search: Helping you recall anything, instantly

Use the power of AI to get answers you need, right when you need them, so you can focus on getting things done. Read More

Evernote • Evernote News

Future-proofing Evernote’s foundations

An update from product lead Federico Simionato on Evernote's tech upgrades, user experience, and a glimpse into what's next. Read More

Evernote • Evernote News

Moving the Evernote center of operations to Europe

An update from Evernote CEO, Francesco Patarnello, on moving its center of operations to Europe. Read More

Evernote • Evernote News

An Update on Evernote Pricing and Upcoming Features

An update from product lead Federico Simionato, addressing upcoming price changes, performance and reliability improvements, and exciting new features Read More


Evernote’s Gift Guide for Partners

Looking for gift ideas for your partner? We've rounded up some sentimental, fun, and relaxing gifts that you can give this holiday season. Read More


Evernote’s Gift Guide for Friends

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend this holiday season? Check out the Evernote Gift Guide for Friends. Read More


How Do You Evernote?

Using the #HowDoYouEvernote hashtag, we invite everyone to screenshot, record, write, and post about all the ways that you use Evernote. Read More


4 Ways to Live Life in Honor of World Elephant Day

Harness the power of memory, find your place within your herd, and be inspired to live your best life this World Elephant Day. Read More

Evernote • Productivity

How to Declutter Your Mind: It CAN Be Done (and We’ll Prove It)

It's all too easy for our minds to get overloaded with unnecessary information. Learn how you can declutter your mind and improve your productivity! Read More

Evernote • Using Evernote

How to Get Started with Daily Journaling

Journaling regularly can bring peace of mind. Learn how you can begin daily journaling to benefit your mental health with tips from Evernote and Talkspace. Read More