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We Rebuilt Evernote for iOS in Swift

By 2016, the developers of Evernote for iOS were struggling to add new features to the app, keep it working with new versions of iOS, and untangle technical debt in the code. To fix this, we began an effort that ultimately produced an app with a new design, a new user interface, and a new software architecture—all delivered by a mostly new team. Why rebuild? The previous version of Evernote

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Le verrouillage par code des notes désormais accessible à tous

Evernote vous permet d’emporter vos idées importantes avec vous partout où vous allez. Vos notes sont toujours à portée de main, que vous soyez à la maison, au bureau, dans le bus ou en train de faire la queue au supermarché. Mais que se passe-t-il si vous laissez votre smartphone sans surveillance ? Est-ce qu’un inconnu ou un ami curieux peut voir vos notes ? Ne vous inquiétez pas. Vos

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So API Together: Evernote and Thrift

When we started to plan the Evernote service in 2007, we knew that we would need to support both « thin » clients (like web browsers) and « thick » synchronizing clients on the day that we launched. This forced us us to think about remote protocols and client APIs before we built any web GUI, rather than waiting a few months to staple an API onto an existing web service. Our application forced

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