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When we describe our overall service architecture to smart people who have been involved in other big services, the two most common questions are: Why is your structured data stored in SQL databases instead of something like [big-data, web-scale, No-SQL platform X]? Why are you running your own hardware instead of hosting Evernote in [cloud service provider Y]? These are both valid and interesting questions. I’ll start with #1 and

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A Digest of Evernote’s Architecture

Let’s get things started with a coarse-grained overview of the physical makeup of the Evernote service. I won’t go into a lot of detail on each component here; we’ll aim to talk about the interesting bits in separate posts later. Starting at the top-left corner of the diagram, all stats as of May 17th, 2011 … Networking: Virtually all traffic to and from Evernote comes to www.evernote.com via HTTPS port

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