Legal Information

Terms of Service

These are the contractual terms between Evernote and users of the Evernote service.

Privacy Policy

This notice informs users about how Evernote collects, uses and discloses their information.

User Guidelines

These guidelines explain what not to do on Evernote and what kind of user activities will be deemed to violate our Terms of Service.

Commercial Terms

These are the contractual commercial terms relating to Evernote’s premium services.

Evernote Business Agreement

These are the contractual terms between Evernote and Evernote Business customers.

Cookie Information

This page explains how we use cookies on our website, what kind of user information may be collected and used and how users may disable cookies.

Data Usage

Explains the permissions that Evernote applications obtain from mobile devices.

IP Compliance Program

This document describes Evernote’s procedures for responding to alleged infringement of intellectual property rights arising from activities of users of the Evernote service.

Trademark Use

Open Source Licenses

Information for Authorities

This information is designed to assist law enforcement authorities who are seeking to obtain information from Evernote.

Transparency Report

Evernote's 3 Laws of Data Protection

Other related information