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Cornell Notes Template

Whether you’re studying for a quiz or preparing for a final exam, the Cornell note-taking method can make your life easier. This Cornell notes template gives you a format for structuring information so it’s easier to study and recall later.

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Use the Cornell Note taking method for faster results

Cornell note-taking isn’t just a way to write things down — it’s a method for reviewing your notes that helps you retain the information. 

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Divide the page

Our Cornell notes template makes it easy for you to implement the Cornell method with ease. Apply this template to a note, and you’ll see a lot of work has been done for you.

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Take notes

Whether you’re learning from a lecture, book, or some other media, write down important information in the “Notes” section of the template.

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Ask questions

When you’re finished taking notes, think of questions or cues that prompt you to recall each important piece of information.

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Cover your notes and try responding to each of your questions or cues. Peek at your notes if you have to, but keep trying until you can respond correctly without looking.

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Study your notes to prepare for a quiz or exam. Start by reading your summaries for each relevant topic. You can also cover the notes and practice reciting, as you did before. 

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Cornell Note-taking Template

Following the steps above will help you do more than simply hold information in your head for a few days. It’ll help you understand your notes on a deeper level, so you can put them to use. Try using this Cornell notes sheet when preparing for your next big test or any time you want to learn something new.

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