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Budget Planner Template

There’s something big you want to do with your money. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose sight of your savings goals. Stay on top of your income and expenses with this monthly budget template, designed to help you keep track of where your money is going.

Your savings plan, front and center

Set up a monthly expense sheet with a click, and take some of the tedium out of personal budget planning. Simply create a note, apply this budget planning template, and start tracking your finances in the following ways:

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Keep budget planning simple

Start each month by making a plan, and end it by seeing your success. The template gives you places to record your monthly savings goal, starting balance, and ending balance. 

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Track your income and expenses

Observing how you spend money can be an eye-opener that helps you save more. Add your wages and other income in the spaces provided. At the end of the month, write down what you spent on rent, groceries, eating out, etc. 

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Compare expectations with reality

See how well your projections reflect your real-life spending. For each expense, fill in what you plan to spend in the “expected” column. When your spending is done for the month, fill in the “actual” and “difference” columns to see if you’re staying on-budget. 

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Refine your plan

Use the “notes” section for each expense row to reflect on your progress for the month. There’s also a section for your notes in the overview at the top of the worksheet that you can use to jot down insights and tweak your plans as needed.

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A simpler budget planner

Turn a note into an easy-to-use personal savings tool and get a real-world picture of your finances. Our budget and savings template can help you improve your spending habits by showing your progress each month, allowing you to take control of your money and reach your financial goals.