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Marketing Plan Template

Whether you’re running a sales team or a small business, marketing campaigns get complicated—fast. Outline your marketing strategy with this template, and keep track of your progress once the project is in motion.

Up your marketing game

Effective marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts that need to work together. This means you need to set clear goals, know your targets, and keep everyone on the team in sync. Apply this strategic marketing plan template to instantly divide your work into easily digestible sections:

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Wrap your mind around the big picture and keep everyone involved on the same page by completing both the “overview” and “timeline” tables within this section. Get clear on who’s doing what and share it with the team.

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A successful marketing strategy comes from an understanding of the market to identify your opportunities and challenges. This section of the template gives you a format that helps you see your situation at a glance and plan your best path forward.

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Goals and objectives

Establish your goals to make your plan measurable. This section of the template helps you lock in how you’ll define success within your marketing plan. You can also outline the strategies, tactics, and key performance indicators you’ll use to reach your goals.

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Buyer personas

Know who you’re targeting and keep them in the foreground by completing this section. Customer behavior can be complex and hard to predict. Outlining your buyer personas gives you an easy way to understand and remember who you’re trying to reach.

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Marketing calendar

Make things happen—on time! It’s not enough to just set due dates. It’s best to have a sense of the timing for your campaign at a glance. Fill in this section to establish timelines for the different parts of your plan.

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Strategy evaluation

Track your campaign’s success by comparing your starting point to your performance over time. This marketing plan template makes this comparison easy by providing tables for each of your campaign objectives.

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Sign off

Eliminate the guesswork of figuring out who has reviewed the marketing strategy—and who hasn’t. Get key team members to sign off to ensure accountability and to move the project forward, faster.

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A complete marketing plan outline

Transform a blank note into a comprehensive outline with this marketing plan template. Your campaign will involve enough work as it is. Streamline it by keeping everything related to your strategy in one convenient place.