Weekly Meal Planner Template

Use this convenient meal planning template to decide what to eat this week, then use that list to determine which ingredients you have—and which you’ll need.

Save money

Using this meal planner saves you from making last-minute restaurant trips because you can’t decide what to eat. When you take time once a week to plan out your meals, you’ll end up saving big money in the long term.

Save time

Time spent on grocery store trips adds up. By using a weekly meal planner, you’ll only need one trip to get everything you need—and getting through the store is a breeze when you use an organized list like this one.

Choose the right ingredients

When you’re using a recipe for the first time, you may not have all the spices and ingredients you need. Our menu planner includes checklists for the ingredients you need to bring your culinary vision to life.

Eat healthier

Eating at home is a great way to stay healthy. With this weekly meal planner, you can plan healthy and delicious meals and eat more nutritious foods every day of the week.

Create shopping lists

You most likely buy more than food at the grocery store. Maybe you pick up some pet food, paper towels, or dish soap. Remember everything by adding all your essentials to this meal planner.

Reduce food waste

It’s easy to cut down on food waste when you know what you’re preparing and which ingredients are necessary for each recipe. Use this meal planning template to keep food on your table and out of the landfill.

Enjoy something new

Using a weekly meal planner template encourages you to try new things and make more exciting food choices. Find that recipe you’ve always wanted to try and add it to this planner to make your first effort more successful.

Steps for meal planning success

Developing a meal plan is a great way to save time and money, avoid wasting food, and eat healthier. Using this weekly meal planner template, you can now plan out your meals for the week right here in your browser or on your mobile device. 

Follow these smart tips for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ease using our free weekly menu planner.

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