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Character Profile Template

Creating realistic characters that get readers invested in a story takes creativity and planning. Uncovering a character’s motivations makes their actions more believable and the story more exciting. Develop new characters for any story with this character profile template designed to help you write your next novel, screenplay, or comic.

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Characters you can believe

Have you ever read a story where the characters felt flat? Develop characters with detailed backstories and features so intricate that you feel like you know them. Simply add this template to a new note and start bringing your characters to life.

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Identify character motivations

Creating patterns for your characters is essential. What are they afraid of? Do they have any secrets? Will they get along with the other characters or will there be some tension? Putting these details into your character profile template will help these imaginary personas feel like real people.

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Create interesting backstories

Backstories are important in creative writing because they fill in details that show how each character arrived in the story. Add character outlines, including information about their health, religious practices, and critical past events. You’ll also be able to include facts about their hobbies and interests.

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Give everyone their own voice

How a person talks says a great deal about who they are. People from the South Bronx will sound pretty different from people in Fargo, North Dakota. When you use a character profile template, you can note these distinctions to create speech patterns for each character that help show who they are.

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Make your characters come to life

Create a unique look for each character to help readers visualize everyone in the story. Using the prompts to create personas will help each character’s appearance line up with their behavior and backstory, so they feel more genuine and believable.

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Sketch your characters

Give each character a name, an occupation, and a distinct way to enter the story. You can also add a simple visual image of the person in your imagination. These details are critical to the plot and help the story move forward more easily.

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Stop writer’s block

Creating personas using a character profile template can help you in any stage of the story creation process. When you’re not sure what to write next, you can refer back to each character’s motivations to help you imagine what they would do next in the scenarios you’ve created.